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We Build Apps to Move your business to The Next Level: e-Commerce Solutions, Process automation, Payment gateway integration, B2B and B2C commerce.


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Our vision is to be the Market Leader of choice for solution provision that simplify the life of urban and rural communities.

Our mission is to collaboratively design, build, and deploy secure softwares that meet the unique needs of individuals.

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E-payment Solutions & Processing

With BunchPay App, you can send/receive money, do airtime top-up, pay utility bills and much more. We make financial transactions easy.Our amazing products and services helps you discover new ways of doing business.


Web Design & Mobile App Development

We create interactive Web & Mobile apps for the next generation business solutions to improve your bottom line.


Systems Integration

We Design B2C and B2B Solutions to improve service efficiency of your business.We also develop custom APIs, designed to extend your existing business functionality and improve performance.


We value our Customers

We listen to your requirements, analyse your business need and build an optimal solution to serve your tomorrow's needs

e-Payment and Transaction Processing

We provide financial technology (Fintech) solutions that retails digital products and services specifically aimed at make the life of humans easy.

With BunchPay you can make your payments from the comfort of your homes or on-the-go. Pay for your cable TV, electricity bills, airtime and data recharge and lots more.

  • You can send money to other banks for free and receive money in real-time
  • Our applications facilitates fund transfer, withdrawals bulk transfer, account statements and many other financial related activities
  • Knowing the impact of technology, we provide our users with a reliable platform with a good user experience

Mobile App Development

We develop Cross-Platform and Hybrid Applications to help businesses target multiple platforms using the same code base for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. We deliver multi-purpose cross-platform mobile applications using various frameworks, including Flutter, React Native, Ionic and more.

We develop web & mobile apps delivered across Android devices using top Android app development tools, such as Android Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA.

We build web & mobile apps delivered across iOS devices using XCode, AppCode, CodeRunner, RxSwift, Mockingbird, CocoaPods, Applyzer, Alcatraz, Marvel, and more

We offer windows app development services that include creating highly immersive experiences using .NET frameworks accompanied with Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • We develop web & mobile apps For Android devices, Windows and Apple.
  • We have experience with XCode, AppCode, CodeRunner, RxSwift, Mockingbird, CocoaPods, Applyzer, Alcatraz, Marvel, and more
  • We have strong experience with Web services, PhP, Codeigniter and Service Oriented Architecture.

Systems Integration

We utilize networking best practices when integrating custom-built and third-party APIs. The APIs that we build, integrate, and customize add web service functionality to mobile and web applications, and seamlessly synchronize data formats across these applications

We develop enterprise-wide Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) that are designed to deploy all services related to business processes, technical tasks, and data access using the same business logic interface and integration services

  • Data managment and Analysis
  • Transaction consolidation between systems
  • Business process optimization

Web Design & Development

We build service focused web solutions for business to streamline their business process. We integrate e-payment solutions to your websites

Our Solutions also covers but not limited to the following:

  • Custom Websites
  • Custom Apps to align withyour website
  • Electronic commerce integration

Provide Exclusive Services

Deep Expertise & Leadership

Deep Expertise & Leadership

We build service focused web solutions for business to streamline their business process.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Cross-Industry Expertise

We have the technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that can connect people and businesses across a variety of mobile devices.

Premium Solution Providers

Dedicated Solution Providers

We understand techonology to the extent of using it to resolve most real world problems. Talk to us Today.


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